The longest lasting Baron, besides maybe the ҍ ҈ҖӴˠȺǼƾ, is the Snoop. He was given this nickname because of his frequent jobs requiring him to scope out robberies or targets for the Attorney's business. He isn’t the smartest man, but with a little training and state-of-the-art technology, he has become useful enough to be the Attorney's left-hand man (behind the Black Baron himself, of course). He has no plans of stopping his crime spree after the Final Heist, but he hopes his daughters can appreciate the free life he has stolen for them…

Summary Edit

The Snoop can look at two of the bottom cards. He goes during the Bank Robbers' turn. He can also see all other Robbers.

Strategy Edit

  • Claiming Ex-Cop is generally a good idea. You can often tell the truth about what you saw, getting the trust of others fairly easily. If you see the Ex-Cop at the bottom, you can just lie about what that card was.
  • If you are a single Robber in a setup with two Robbers and you see two Innocents, then the third card is your partner, meaning you know all of the bottom cards. Use this to your advantage.
  • If you are a solo Snoop in a setup with a Shoplifter, you see two Innocent cards at the bottom that aren't Shoplifter, and no one claims to be one, a Shoplifter likely stole your card.
  • If you have a Robber partner, it is often in your hands to make their claim as trustworthy as possible. Sometimes this requires lying about the cards you saw at the bottom.
  • When you claim Ex-Cop, it is inadvisable to say that you saw a Robber on the bottom. The reason this is important is that if the real Ex-Cop counterclaims you and someone supports that Ex-Cop claim, you cannot say that they are both Robbers working together because you said one was at the bottom, and you will likely lose that game.