The Bank Robber didn’t choose this life. He does enjoy the title of “Black Baron”, though. He also enjoys being able to give his daughter everything he could never afford when he was her age, even if the money was wrongfully earned...

The Baron’s Guild is run and operated by Codename Attorney, who is regarded as the most successful and feared attorney in California. What people don’t know is that he rigs trials, and has potential threats to his cases assassinated by the Barons. The Attorney favors the Bank Robber heavily, mainly because he has been one of his oldest Barons, but also because he has strong feelings for him. The Bank Robber, along with his secret alliances and plans, hopes to get the money from the Final Heist and leave the Attorney and his life of crime behind, for his daughter’s sake.

Summary Edit

The Bank Robber is the basic evil role in the game. He can see all of his partners, except for the Attorney. If he has no partners, he can look at an unused card at the bottom. Bank Robbers win if no Robber is arrested.

Strategy Edit

  • Claiming Hostage can seem safe, but Hostage claims are the most suspicious ones. Try to claim a role with actions without any counterclaims.
  • Be wary of Shoplifter. It is as important for Robbers as it is for innocents to make sure a Shoplifter hasn't stolen a Robber. If, as a Bank Robber, you suspect someone of stealing your card, it's usually best to claim Bank Robber immediately.
  • Don't always claim to be the card you saw at the bottom. While no other player will generally claim that role, an Ex-Cop or a Rookie could have seen that card.
  • You can claim Rookie easily using the card you have seen, or Ex-Cop, guessing another card.
  • If you have a partner, you can claim Ex-Cop or Shoplifter and say you saw their card, naming it. If possible, make sure you don't have a counterclaim, but claim early.
  • Anarchist can be a huge pain for Robbers, but it is often difficult to confirm Anarchist claims (especially in Classic setup). If you can get away with claiming Anarchist, go for it!